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Steven Pope heads one of the world’s leading Amazon agencies, and is prolific in sharing his knowledge about business and leadership.

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About Steven Pope

Led by Steven Pope, our team of seasoned Amazon experts helps brands like yours optimize their listings to succeed on Seller Central.

We’ve created a layered strategy using proven tactics to manage your PPC, SEO, and catalogs — so you can stop worrying about Amazon and start focusing on your business.

Our Mission

Our mission as a company is to give Amazon sellers peace of mind. By driving more traffic and increasing sales, we help brands like yours thrive and stay ahead of the competition.

The ever-evolving world of Amazon Seller Central can be tricky to navigate. By working with us, you can focus on growing instead of troubleshooting.

Our Vision

Our vision is simple. It’s to help sellers like you on Amazon Seller Central do the following:

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To help fill in the shortage of talent needed for the Amazon space, MAG School was started. In it, we teach others the same skills and knowledge that made My Amazon Guy a successful company.